The impact of severe convective phenomena in Sălaj and Maramureş counties. Case study: Supercell on May 28th 2019.

The main purpose of the study is to analyze the conditions and impact of severe weather phenomena in Sălaj and Maramureș counties. A supercell storm that crossed a significant part of the mentioned area in the 28th May 2019’s afternoon, also affecting Zalău and Baia Mare was chosen as a case study through its impact and severe threats that occurred, leaving many damages over the area. The analyzed phenomena are convective, generated by Cumulonimbus clouds with a considerable vertical extent. Synoptic and mesoscale conditions were determined using the specific methods of investigation (charts of sea level pressure, geopotential height, temperature and humidity, atmospheric soundings, different stability indices, vertical wind shear, infrared and visible satellite images and radar images of convective storms). The main findings are: synoptic conditions were determined by low values of atmospheric pressure at the surface and by the atmospheric depressions, while in the middle troposphere, an atmospheric trough was present; mesoscale conditions presented: elevated values of Convective Available Potential Energy, negative values of Lifted Index, and strong wind shear in the 0-3 km layer.