The role of the relief in the process of water drainage of the rivers in the Căliman Mountains.


Abstract: The analysis of the flow of river water from a certain surface is very important f r determining the multi-year flow regime. In the formation of the regime, an important role is played by the features of the relief of the hydrographic basin, which directly influence the direction of flow and the speed of the water, and indirectly, the climatic elements. The Căliman Mountains are less analysed from this point of view, the relief elements being included in only a few specialized works. In the study, the role of the morphometric elements (altitude, geodeclivity, density and depth of fragmentation, orientation of the slopes) and morphological elements of the relief in the flow process from the highest volcanic massif in Romania located in the central part of the Eastern Carpathians was analysed.

Keyword: Căliman Mountains, relief, factor, water runoff