Why Risks and Catastrophes Journal ?

  1. Welcome to Risks and Catastrophes Journal, where your research finds a home: We invite authors to share their valuable contributions with our journal.
  2. Rapid publication with a DOI for every accepted paper: Each accepted manuscript will receive a DOI for immediate identification and citation, ensuring your work’s accessibility and recognition.
  3. Pioneering ‘Online First’ publication for swift dissemination: We take pride in our ‘Online First’ section, where accepted papers are promptly published, allowing your research to reach the global scientific community without delay.
  4. Secure your place in our summer issue by submitting before July‘s end: Manuscripts submitted by the end of July will take center stage in our Issue No. 1. For Issue No. 2, submit by the end of October: Don’t miss the chance to feature in our second issue, slated for publication by submitting your manuscript before the end of October.