The effetcs induced by the floods in the upper Crasna Basin


ABSTRACT. The effects induced by the floods in the upper Crasna Basin. The effects induced by floods can be classified by several criteria. According to their nature the effects can be classified as: economic, social and ecological. We analized the effects of the floods in the period between 1974-2010. There were no human life losses or severe injuries recorded. The flood in August 2005 had sanitary effects given by the mudding of some local water supplies. The floods affected households, socio-economic units, agricultural land, roads and railways, bridges and footbridges, drainage, electricity and telephone networks as well as hydraulic works done on the water courses. In Zalău Basin the most frequently affected localities were Sărmăşag (16 events), Bocşa (15), Zalău (14), Hereclean (12). On Crasna river more events were recorded in the villges upstream the Vârşolț reservoir (Crasna – 19 events, Horoatu Crasnei – 14 events). The years with the broadest floods (which affected most settlements in the basin) were 1974 and 1998. The most significant ecological effects are bank erosion and the silting of the Vârşolț reservoir.

Keywords: Crasna, effects, flood, damages, bank erosion



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