DOI: 10.24193/RCJ2017_03

Abstract.- Interconditionality geomorphosites and natural hazards. This work presents the inter-dependency reports between hazards and geomorphosites, even proposing the term of geohazsite for the sites generated by hazards. There is a double significance of the geomorphologic hazards in relation to geosites: of sites generation and of site alteration, vulnerability or even destruction. The geosite can be vulnerable not only at the generating hazard but also to other hazards, generally associated. The geosites constitute into a sequence of temporary dynamic equilibrium of an evolutive system. In this respect, correlations must be done between geomorphosites as a landform and the geomorphologic hazards, in the perspective of dynamic geomorphology.In the process of geomorphosite identification and selection some characteristics of the landform as response to natural and/or antropic hazards are taken into account. Geomorphosites thus become elements at risk, vulnerable to the environmental factors and to the natural and/or antropic hazards.The study is partially integrated in the digital platform on geomorphosites. This e-learning device was initiated and developed by the University of Lausanne, Switzerland (Emmanuel Reynard, director, Luci Darbellay) in collaboration with five universities: University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy (Paola Coratza), University of Savoie, France (Fabien Hobléa and Nathalie Cayla), University of Minho, Portugal (Paulo Pereira), University of Bucharest, Romania (Laura Comanescu and Florina Grecu), University of Paris IV – Sorbonne, France (Christian Giusti). The course, developed with the Learning Management System Moodle, is a completely free-access course. It is divided into four parts: (1) Generalities; (2) Methods; (3) Conservation and promotion; (4) Exampl

Key-words: hazard, geomorphosite, dynamic equilibrium, impact of hazard, geomorphohazsite, e-learning




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