Riscurile activităţii turistice În conul Ciomadului



                 ABSTRACT. The touristical activities risks in the volcanic cone of Ciomad. The environment comprehends the touristic activities like an external factor which influences the system. There is an interaction, an interconditioning between the environment and tourism. The inevitable pressure over the natural potential must not exceed the limits which lead to risks. In most cases the natural touristical potential is concentrated over the mountain area, here diversity represents a growing attractivety, but also hides an accentuated fragility. The mountain area naturally is a protected area, which exactly for this is the most sensible to the pollution agents. The negative modification of the natural resources leads to material losses, which can be measured with the notion of risk. The Ciomad massive has a double crater where the two major tourisical objectives of the area coexist: Lake Sfânta Ana and the Mohoş swamp. The touristical necessities accessories are inefficient; olso the accommodation and quartering infrastructure is very small. The average touristic circulation is 60-70 tourists a day, and in weekends the number rises to 800-900 tourists a day. In touristic season the autochthons and in the extra season the alien tourists number is bigger. This field investigation relieves the characteristics of the touristic phenomena, the atractivity of the resources, the deficiencies of offers and the risk factors.