semnificaţia sinergismului Relief-substrat geologic penru DIAGNOZA riscului geomorfologic. STUDIU DE CAZ: BAZINUL MORFOHIDROGRAFIC ARVAN (ALPII FRANCEZI)

Florina Grecu


                 ABSTRACT. - Relevancy of the relief-formation synergism in geomorphplogic risk assessement.Case study the morphohydrographic basin Arven (The French Alpes). Close regional analysis of the interplay between the geologic particularities and the relief dynamics may result into data concerning the geomorphologic vulnerability and risk. Considering the depth and the interaction of evaporites with other formations (hydrogeologic) or with the environment (including the human component), is such an example. Such processes are frequent in the Alpine Orogeny and therefore analyzed in the geographic literature (Rovera, 1993, H. Vivian et al., 1994). Based on the authorís field observations (2004, 2005) on the Arvan hydrographic basin, the French Alps, I elaborated a vulnerability map on geomorphologic processes which underlines the importance of time in risk understanding.