Disfuncţionalităţi ale sistemelor de gospodĂrire a apei Īn oraşele din culoarul Mureşului dintre Reghin şi confluenţa cu Arieşul īn perspectiva dezvoltării durabile


                ABSTRACT. - Disfunctions of the water administration systems in the cities from the Mures Passage between Reghin and the confluence with Aries River in the lasting development perspective. The distribution net situation, the materials quality and their age, are factors that condition the water administration efficiency in the urban environment, very well expressed though the damages value. Although, in time, their amount reached inadmissible thresholds for the European structures connection in the domain, the modernization and reorganization process of the water supply net, found in unfurl, in accordance with the UE provisions, express the final desideratum, and certain, the bringing of the damages amount closer to zero. Therefore, it must be noticed the modernization and attenuation efforts of those drawbars, all the approaches of the organisms being skilled towards the function efficiency and increase of the hole water supply system.