repartiţia în spaţiu a indicatorilor de calitate pe principalele râuri din bazinul târnavei şi riscurile induse



 ABSTRACT. - The spatial repartition of the water quality indicators in the Târnava basin’s rivers and their induced risks. The analysis of the water quality indicators was a direct result of the investigations and interpretation of the collected from the field expeditions. The induced risks can be natural, social and economical. Spatiality was determined according to the monitored elements in the control sections over the entire length of the main rivers from Târnava basin. The multitude of monitored elements and indicators were grouped in three categories, which refer to: the oxygen content, the degree of mineralization, specific and toxic elements. All the resulted indicators were compared with the highest admitted concentrations that correspond with the nationally established quality categories and normatives relevant for the surface running waters. The principle watercourses fit in the first and second categories of quality.