Le tourisme croissant dans le Parc Torres del Paine en Patagonie chilienne et les risques potentiels sur la BIODIVERSITÉ

thora martina hERRMANN, aLINA aRON cOSTINA, m. cOSTINA


                 ABSTRACT. - The Increasing Tourism in the Torres Del Paine Park in the Chilian Patagonia and the Potential Risks to Biodiversity. This paper is situated in the overall framework of nature-society interrelationship. Firstly, this article deals with the problematic of biodiversity conservation of fragile ecosystems in protected areas. Secondly, the article responds to the crucial question of how to integrate in a sustainable way these areas with humanized landscapes. Thirdly, this paper analyses the impact and the risk that biological diversity can face when confronted with an important augmentation of tourism development. We will investigate these questions taking the example of the National Park Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia, which knows an immense raise of tourism. Therefore, our study aimed at analyzing the following research question: How to manage the raise of tourist activities that puts more and more pressure on the environment considering that all future development in the National Park has to take into account its potential impacts on the biological diversity? In answering the above research questions, our paper gives recommendations to adopt strategies towards “good governance” that not only assures a sustainable National Park management but also allows to better protect the fragile environment of Patagonia while promoting a sustainable tourist development in the same time.