S. Filip



ABSTRACT. Morfodynamic state, hazards and geomorphological vulnerability in Baia Mare Depression and Mountains. The geological, morphometric, climatic and land use features determined the manifestation of a large range of geomorphological processes in Baia Mare Depression and Mountains. The type, intensity and manner of action of these processes reflects the way in which the environmental components relate between each other. The quantitative assessment of the stability of geomorphological areas as the landslides are concerned has been accomplished according to a computerized algorithm. The main result of this working algorithm is the stability index, defined as the probability for an area to be stable in relation to the mass movement processes, when the parameters are equally distributed. Another process which has a major significance in characterizing environmental relations having a geomorphological importance is soil erosion. The assessment of the soil erosion has been made in a cumulative manner for the three types of erosion (by rain drops, areal and linear), based on the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE). The equation factors have been set according to the peculiar conditions of the analysed territory, starting from the generally accepted values for Romania. Using GIS techniques, a computerized data processing has been performed starting from an algorithm developed by the staff of the University of Illinois (Mitasova H. et alii 1996).The synthesis of the information regarding the intensity of soil erosion and the gravitational stability of geomorphic areas facilitated the global evaluation of the morphodynamic state of the relief. The raster system combination of this quantitative information allowed the identification of the basic morphodynamic units of Baia Mare Depression and Mountains. The study of factors and conditions which induce situations of instability, of the slope processes, the hierarchy of their intensity and representativity, allowed the delimitation and mapping of areas with specific vulnerability in relation to landslides and (superficial and linear) erosion. This map reflects the type and intensity of geomorphological phenomena liable to produce on a certain area.