C. Mureşanu


ABSTRACT. Recent factors of climate change. In the past two years, the oceanologists theorized that the north side of the Ocean Conveyor Belt is rapidly changing producing significant effects. These changes include slowing down the speed and the flow of the Gulfstream. The solar physicists had observed a rapid decrease of the solar spots and flares, which are changing our climate. Climatologists had discovered that, due to certain reasons, the water cycle is intensifying almost all over the world, mostly in Greenland. The experts believe that this combination of factors has the capacity to produce rapid or abrupt climate changes in the next decade or even sooner. The main issue addressed to science community and research is this: In what degree, the weakening of Gulfstream would favorite a cooling climate in Northern Europe and Canada, by decreasing the heat changes between water and air in the nearby Greenland region and how much this could amplified by a less active sun. The intensifying of the water cycle will strength, mask or slowdown these climate tendencies? What would be their impact in Romania region? How long could last a possible future local or global cooling and how would this threatening the agriculture?


                Key words: circuitul apei, Gulfstream, Soarele, oceanul, vulcanism, gheaţă