Porcuţan Adriana Mihaela


                 ABSTRACT. - Fog – climatic risk phenomenon in Rarău Massif. This study tries to make a short presentation of fog as a risk phenomenon in Rarău Massif its impact over the life of human society in this massif.It begins with a short description of the natural environment in which is situated the Rarău Massif, pointing out the climatic component from this massif. The second part presents the terminology about risk phenomenon and other terms involved in the relation between rsk and society. After that follows a short presentation of risk phenomenon and, between these, with a concentration over fog, with its characteritics and its relations with other climatic phenomenon. After that follows a presentation of the way how fog as a phenomenon evolved in  Rarău Massif between 1989 and 2004. Next it is made a description of how this phenomenon influences the human life and, particulary, over tourism, studying the fog in Rarău Massif and in the region around it, insisting over it’s unfavourable effects. In conclusion it is trying to be made a syntesis of the study, showing the relation between the climatic risk phenomenon – fog, and the human society, why is it so important for tourism and how does act in the presence or absences of this climatic risk phenomenon.

 Key words : fog, depression, phenomenon, impact, climatic, Rarău.