Pluvial hazards and geomorphological consequences in the Sebeş basin

Mărioara Costea


                ABSTRACT. Pluvial hazards and geomorphological consequences in the Sebeş basin. A thorough analysis of the pluviometric conditions worked out on the average precipitations points out non-periodical as well as periodical variations, as a result of the general atmospheric instability. The high precipitation variability is accounted for by the absolute maximum amounts of rainfall for 24 hours, as well as by the intensity of such amounts. While studying pluvial hazard, we undertook to analyse the seasonal variability and the status of the maximal extreme behaviour. As a general rule, such precipitations occur as showers that are capable of exceeding in a matter of a few hours 50% of the precipitation average for the month in which they occur. The pluvial hazard in the Sebeş basin is liable to generate other hazards (hydrological and geomorphological), leading to a positive-feedback reaction and  a dis-balance in the geomorphological system.


Key words: pluvial hazard, pluviometric surplus, torrentiality,  Sebeș-River Basin.