Sistemul circulaţiei apei şi bilanţul hidric īn Delta Dunării

Petre Gāştescu, Basarab Driga


                ABSTRACT. - Water circulation system and hydric balance in Danube Delta. The delta, which is an open system, is permanently exchanging matter and energy with the external environment. The hydrological sub-system, basically the water circulation, represents the vital component of the very existence of the delta space. Since the water volume transported by the Danube to Ceatal Chilia is 205 km3/year at a multiannual mean of 6,515 m3/sec (1921-2000) and with it a quantity of alluvia of 54.85 million t/year ( for the 1840-1990 period), and 83.5 million tons of salts/year (1980-1990 period) and 2,576.1 * 1012 Kcal., this sub-system is undoubtedly playing a basic role within the configuration and evolution of the delta space. Of the matter and energy transported by the Danube, 95% reaches the three arms and flows into the sea, and only 5% is taken over by the network of backwaters and canals.


Key words: Danube Delta, system, circulation, hydric balance.