Riscul geografic şi preţul terenului Ón intravilan. Studiu de caz, localitatea Miceşti, judEŢUL Cluj

V. Surd, Zotic, V., V. Puiu, T. Man


        Abstract. - The Geographical Risc and Price of Land in the Built Area. Case Miceşti village, Cluj County. In the context of lasting development of the rural settlements, the quality of the land for built areas, gain a very important attention in nowadays. For this reason, we can expect at  large scale of price of the land, in connection with intrinsec and extrinsec factors of real and relative position (shadow areas, flood areas, landslides, proximity of the main road, electricity, quality of water etc.). The workpaper try to put in the light the role of the quality of the land in relation with the price, inside of the rural built area situated in proximity of big city, in our case Micesti village, about 20 km from Cluj-Napoca city, on second rank in national hierarchie of Romanian cities.