ASPECTE ale reprezentării cartografice a FENOMENELOR DE RISC geomorfic

Florina GRECu


                 ABSTRACT. - Aspects Concerning the Mapping of the Geomorphic Risk Phenomena. Thus, the paper briefly presents the meaning of the scale for the legend structure (considering the content of map), starting from the articles which have been already published in geomorphologic journals.The Map of Geomorphological Hazard on Romania territory (scale1: 3,000,000) marks out the type of processes governed by structural, petrographic and geomorphic factors. It is practical value is fairly low. In this scale we are determinated three degree of hazard: small, moderate and high. A similar map, but on the scale of 1:400,000, has been worked out for the Hartibaciu Tableland. The legend is given in greater detail, also sorting out the diversity of geomorphic processes complexity, its legend targeting three degree of hazard: hazard-free, small hazard, moderate, high and excessively hazard. As territorial geosystems, Iíve analysed the risk maps of Romania and those of a geomorphological region (The Hartibaciu tableland), a drainage basin and a topographic paper (The Prahova Valley in the Subcarpathian sector, scale 1:50,000). In order to create the risk map of  the Prahova Valley, two methods have been used: the classical and the modern one (GIS), both based upon field searches. The results are similar and they are part of a research contract in progress. They are  extremely useful for the practitioners because the Prahova Valley in the Subcarpathian sector shows a strong human pressure.